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Black Daggers

Black Daggers – Phantasmagoria (2023)

“This record is really an album that’s a concept record. It follows our protagonist who’s really no one and everyone. The character makes a deal with the Devil and it quickly goes awry while he sees his life unraveling. The album is as much about struggling with vices as it is about dealing with depression and addiction. I wanted to really dig into the idea of drug-induced psychosis and explore where that might lead to paranoia and further self-destruction. I think in some ways the character will be relatable to people who’ve dealt with mental health issues or lived with addictions. The inner demons people battle that scratch the surface. Visually, I really wanted to capture that same element through the use of diffusion videos with the help of artificial intelligence. I self-produced all the visuals on this record and they are releasing alongside the singles.” – Valentine Vandal – Black Daggers

For fans of The Hives, QOTSA, Foo Fighters, Alice In Chains, Seether

Band: Black Daggers
Album: Phantasmagoria
Release Date: October 31, 2023
Label: Papercuts on Purpose


“The ideas, the story, the connection to the characters are there as if one is reading a book or watching a movie. Phantasmagoria is cohesive in its songs, music, and mood and that cohesiveness of Phantasmagoria is what makes the debut album from Black Daggers brilliant.” - Amplify The Noise

“Don’t get it twisted, this band be jammin’ – Facts” – Timbaland

“Solid. God knows we need more music like this, especially in Canada. If you’re into anything from Alice in Chains and Soundgarden to Mastodon and Big Wreck, this is for you.” – Alan Cross – Undiscovered Gem of the Week – Corus Media

“‘Surfin’ a Vibe’ really conjures a dark, horror-laced image. The raw vocals perfectly capture the feeling of impactful shock rock. I like the bold confidence and furious brutality. It’s well-structured but raucous.” - What CRB thought of ‘Surfin’ a Vibe’

“I really like what they did with the solo coming in a bar early. Really interesting stuff. Song of the night!” – @the_ghosthouse (Twitch)

February 2024 - Powerplay Magazine UK - Black Daggers

View Black Daggers' Official Videos HERE

Track Listing:

1. Best I’ve Got 
2. These Broken Bones 
3. Surfin’ A Vibe 
4. Voices 
5. I’m Here 
6. Wasted 
7. City Limits 
8. Carpe Diem 

Album Credits:

All Songs Performed by: Black Daggers
Produced by: Black Daggers
Mixed by: Martin Merenyi
Mastered by: Martin Merenyi
Mastered by: Harry Hess – 1. Best I’ve Got, 5. I’m Here, 7. City Limits , 8. Carpe Diem
Album Artwork by: Nat Birch
Socan Member
Canadian Content – MAPL

Spooky black and white image, Riverview Hospital, "Phantasmagoria"
Full track listing and credits as seen on "Phantasmagoria"

About The Album Artwork:
It was shot at the abandoned Riverview Hospital (Matrix, Supernatural, The X Files, Butterfly Effect, Deadpool 2, Final Destination 2).

About the album as a whole (LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY):

The album is about a Faustian Bargain gone awry. Musically it is a mix of genres that borrow from many familiar sounds but sounds like nothing before it.


1. Best I’ve Got

The song is about feeling like you’ve given everything you can, and nothing is ever good enough. It was really a cathartic song to write, and I feel like many people could relate to that.

2. These Broken Bones

These Broken Bones starts off with our character at a low point in his life. He is feeling very desperate and alone and decides to bargain with the Devil. Midway through the song, it switches to the Devil’s perspective, where he outlines the deal that has been made.

3. Surfin’ A Vibe

This songs lyrics can really be interpreted in a number of different ways. When I was writing it the idea behind it was the character was feeling “high” with a feeling of euphoria, following his deal with the Devil. I think it could also be loosely interpreted as a struggle with addiction and it was really meant to paint the picture of the character being very manic, and making poor life choices.

4. Voices

With Voices I really tried to create the feeling of someone who is losing touch with reality and made a conscious effort to change up the vocal delivery, and I used two different styles of singing to capture the different voices in his head. This song is also a nod vocally to the late Mark Lanegan.

5. I’m Here

This song picks up with our character after he has fully gone off the deep end. We find him locked away in a mental institution, plotting his escape. At this point, he doesn’t believe there is anything wrong with himself but after escaping, he realizes how insane he truly is.

6. Wasted

This song is from the point of view of speaking to your inner demons, and this song freely switches from one to the other. It’s not meant to be clear who is the one speaking at any given point, but it’s a conversation in the mirror. I think this is a relatable concept for people who struggle with their own inner demons.

7. City Limits

We reach the final chapter for our character where he decides he made a mistake by making the deal with the Devil and tries to run away and escape from his fate. Unfortunately, by this point, it is already too late and the Devil comes calling. This song is kind of a warning about addiction and the path it can lead you down, and the destruction it can inevitably cause.

8. Carpe Diem

This is our hero character’s swan song. At this point, he is already dead, and he is reflecting on the time he wasted and the things he didn’t get to say, or do. This song is one I collaborated on with Marek Forysinski (Engineer, Rated R – Queens Of The Stone Age).

Band Members


Valentine Vandal - Vocals, Guitar


David Wilkie - Bass


Jeff Talbot - Drums

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